What Are Some Popular PBS TV Programs?

What Are Some Popular PBS TV Programs?

Some of the most popular PBS television shows on air as of 2015 include Masterpiece, Sesame Street, Nature and Frontline. In the past, PBS has featured popular programs such as Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, The Magic School Bus and Reading Rainbow.

Masterpiece, one of PBS television's most popular offerings, celebrated its 40th season in 2011, giving it the record for the longest-running prime-time drama in the history of American television. It presents themes from timeless literary classics, mystery and contemporary drama.

Sesame Street, another long-running PBS classic, is one of the most widely recognized television programs around the world, currently airing in over 140 countries. Since its debut episode on Nov. 10, 1969, Sesame Street has been considered so influential in creating fresh and educational children's programming that it was named the "20th Best Ever Show" by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Nature, PBS's popular nature program, takes the form of wildlife documentaries exploring the behavior of plants and animals around the world. It has won several Emmy awards for its content and has featured many celebrity guest hosts.

Airing since 1983, Frontline presents human interest documentaries that serve as a catalyst for social change.

Although the series ended in 2001, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was another popular children's programs aired on PBS. Its star, Fred Rogers, introduced children to a number of topics, ranging from self-consciousness to the death of family members.