What Are Some of the Most Popular Paintings by William Henry Chandler?


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Some of William Henry Chandler's most popular paintings include the "Hudson Valley Landscape," "River Landscape," "Rocky Shoreline," "Rare Sheep and Flowering Trees" and "Stone Bridge Crossing Hudson River." Chandler is renowned for painting with oil pastels.

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William Henry Chandler was a prolific pastel artist. Born in New York City in 1854, he started a painting company with his brother in 1887. Chandler sold oil pastel paintings throughout New York City and New Jersey. Much of Chandler's work hangs in famous museums such as Pastel Masters Museum Gallery.

Chandler's pieces are known for their natural feel. "Hudson Valley Landscape" features a grassy path going down a small wooded area with trees as well as a mountain, sailboats and a house on the lake in the distance. This piece is painted largely with cooler colors. The "River Landscape" piece features a bright display with similar subjects. A paved road goes through a bright forest with green and orange leaved trees. This piece also features a bright blue river with hills and mountains in the distance. "Rocky Shoreline" features a bright, cool beach setting with sand and ocean waves in the foreground, and large rocks and clouded skies in the background. "Stone Bridge Crossing Hudson River" is a bright, colorful piece with a wooded path, rusty old bridge atop stagnant blue water and clouded yet bright skies.

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