What Are Some Popular Painting Games?


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Popular painting games for children are finger painting and marble rolling. Finger painting involves the child dipping his fingers in paint, while marble rolling lets the child dip marbles in paint and roll them on paper. Other painting games include paint popsicles, painting shapes, and paint drumming to music.

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Painting games can be educational for young people and allow them to develop their imaginations and fine motor skills. Many painting methods and techniques have been developed over thousands of years of human art history. People paint everything from paper, to concrete, and even the human body.

Painting games are also available online. Two of these online resources are ABC Ya Paint and Paint Games for Girls. ABC Ya Paint is an online paint program designed for young children. The child can color black-outlined, template images or even create his own drawings on a blank canvas. A multitude of drawing tools help the child, including pencil, paint roller, spray can and palette colors. Paint Games for Girls is a collection of free online games that feature painting as a central theme. The games on the website range from painting programs to painting video games. As the name implies, Paint Games for Girls is targeted toward girls, but it is also available to boys.

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