What Are Some Popular Novels in the Spenser Series by Robert B. Parker?


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Some popular novels in Robert B. Parker's Spenser series are "The Godwulf Manuscript," "The Judas Goat," "Looking for Rachel Wallace" and "Early Autumn." "Valediction," "A Catskill Eagle" and "Chance" are also popular novels in Parker's Spenser series.

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"The Godwulf Manuscript" is the first novel in the Spenser series; in this novel, the private detective Spenser is hired by a university in Boston to recover a rare stolen manuscript. In "The Judas Goat," the fifth novel in the series, Spenser goes to London to hunt down the terrorists who killed his client's family. In "Looking for Rachel Wallace," the sixth novel in the series, Spenser is hired to protect Rachel Wallace, a lesbian and feminist activist who is later kidnapped. In "Early Autumn," the seventh novel, a woman caught in a bitter divorce hires Spenser to find her son, who has been kidnapped by her ex-husband.

In "Valediction," the 11th novel in the Spenser series, Spenser must recover a pretty young dancer who is kidnapped by a religious sect. In the 12th book, "A Catskill Eagle," Spenser tries to find his girlfriend Susan, who runs off with a dangerous criminal. In "Chance," the 23rd novel in the series, Spenser is hired to find the missing husband of a Mafia princess.

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