What Are Some Popular Nepali Full-Length Movies?

Some popular Nepali full-length movies include “Aama,” “Chino,” “Basudev” and “Makundo.” From mainstream blockbusters to independent dramas, these films represent some of the major achievements of Nepalese filmmaking.

Hira Singh Khatri’s 1964 film “Aama” was the first movie produced entirely in Nepal. Sponsored by the country’s monarchy, the film promotes Nepalese nationalism, emphasizing the loss of Nepali citizens to other countries and its effects on remaining families. Khatri was a major Bollywood director, but the film is considered the first major work of Nepalese cinema.

Tulsi Ghimire’s 1991 film “Chino” is one of the most successful Nepalese films, holding one of the longest theater runs in the country’s history. An homage to classic Bollywood cinema, the movie features romance, action, a dramatic story and a popular soundtrack.

Neer Bikram Shah, an actor, director, businessman and poet, is responsible for introducing realism to Nepalese cinema, as epitomized by his 1984 film "Basudey." Focused on corruption in modern Nepalese society, the film centers on the relationship between an honorable, unsuccessful man and his dishonest but prosperous friend.

Tsering Rhitar Sherpa is a Nepalese filmmaker whose work includes the personal film “Makundo,” which focuses on a couple’s struggles to conceive a child. Mixing secular and spiritual themes, Sherpa explores the unique character of the modern Nepalese psyche.