What Was Some Popular Music From the 1920s?


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Jazz, blues and hillbilly-style music are some popular music from the 1920s. Examples of musicians during this time are Ma Rainey, Fletcher Henderson and Benny Goodman. Jazz's improvisational style reflected society's increasingly free spirit during the 1920s, leasing F. Scott Fitzgerald to call the era the Jazz Age.

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Jazz began in New Orleans, Louisiana, and began to spread to the general public through the inventions of the radio and phonograph. Duke Ellington created extended jazz compositions, while the singing of nonsense sounds, known as "scat," became popular through Louis Armstrong.

Blues became popular when Mamie Smith released her first album, "Crazy Blues," in 1920. It went on to sell one million copies in seven months. The blues continues to reach the general public through the recordings of Bessie Smith, known as "the Empress of the Blues," and Ma Rainey, known as the "Mother of the Blues."

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