What Are Some Popular Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs?

Anish Kumar's "Abraham Ishaq," Hentry Kuruvila & Latha Hentry's "O En Snehame" and Kuldeep M Pai's "Kadana Kadalil" are examples of popular Malayalam Christian devotional songs. Listeners can hear these songs on the heavy rotation playlists of Malayalam Christian devotional radio stations or purchase them from online music vendors.

Malayalam Christian devotional radio stations such as Holy Family Radio, Bafa Radio and Psalms Radio regularly play popular Malayalam devotional songs. To find more popular Malayalam Christian devotional songs, listeners should browse online music vendors such as My India Shopping, which has a devotional Malayalam section featuring many popular CDs in the genre. Another source is CDBaby, which sells compilations of popular songs in the genre, such as the "Vattaatha Urava" series.