What Are Some Popular Lisa Scottoline Books?

Popular books written by Lisa Scottoline include "Don't Go," "Keep Quiet," "Look Again" and "Every Fifteen Minutes," according to Amazon.com. Scottoline is a New York Times best-selling author who writes highly emotional novels, which typically focus on family relationships.

In "Don't Go," Dr. Mike Scanlon goes to Afghanistan to serve as an army doctor. When he returns home, his wife is dead, leaving him alone to raise their new baby daughter. On top of these problems, he must deal with his suffering medical practice and a shocking secret.

"Keep Quiet" focuses on the relationship between Jake Buckman and his teenage son Ryan. Together, they experience a tragedy while driving on a deserted road and are consequently pushed into secrecy about it. The lies they tell ultimately threaten to destroy their family.

"Look Again" focuses on Ellen Gleeson, a reporter who learns that her adopted son Will is possibly somebody's missing child. She decides to investigate the matter but uncovers too much and finds herself in a dire life-or-death situation.

"Every Fifteen Minutes" centers on Dr. Eric Parrish, a recently separated chief of psychiatry who is learning how to be a single father to his teenage daughter. His life plunges into total chaos when he suspects his missing high-risk patient Max has committed a murder.