What Are Some Popular Lee Reynolds Original Paintings?

Some popular Lee Reynolds original paintings include "Flower Pot," "Three Four Action," "Asian Man with Flute," "Tree Lined Path" and "Cherry Blossom." There are only about 200 original paintings and sculptures by Lee Reynolds.

Lee Reynolds Burr was born in 1936 in Los Angeles, California, and he worked as the director for Vanguard Studios in Beverly Hills. There are many pieces of work bearing the signature of Lee Reynolds, but Lee Reynolds Burr completed none of these, since Lee Reynolds was a trade name used by numerous students to promote Lee and Vanguard Studios. Staff artists at Vanguard Studios completed all of the paintings signed "Lee Reynolds." Lee's assistant, Rudolpho Carlos, completed all of the paintings signed "Lee Burr"; Carlos mainly completed these pieces on commission from art dealers, and original work by Lee Reynolds Burr was the source of inspiration for them. Lee Burr paintings are available in a variety of sizes and colorations.

The only paintings Lee Reynolds Burr completed with his own hands bear his full name as the signature. The artist later added a thumbprint to his original works to clarify the confusion over which pieces he completed and which pieces the artists at Vanguard completed.