What Are Popular Korean TV Dramas?

What Are Popular Korean TV Dramas?

Some popular Korean TV dramas include "Boys Over Flowers," "You’re Beautiful," "Playful Kiss," "Coffee Prince" and "Secret Garden." Although there are many popular Korean TV dramas, these five shows have received some of the highest ratings, according to thetoptens.com.

"Boys Over Flowers" is a TV show about a young girl who gets a swimming scholarship after saving a high school student from drowning.

"You’re Beautiful," another popular Korean TV drama, revolves around an innocent girl who grows up in a convent after being abandoned with her brother. The brother auditions to join a pop group, but is replaced by her sister after he disappears to the U.S.

"Playful Kiss" is a romantic drama based on a young girl who wants to win the heart of a school genius, despite not being intelligent herself. Her house is destroyed by an earthquake, and her family is forced to find shelter at the home of an old family friend.

"Coffee Prince" is a show about a bachelor who, in an attempt to avoid the pressure to marry, hires a young man to pretend to be his lover. The bachelor later discovers that the young man is a girl in disguise.

"Secret Garden," another highly rated Korean TV drama, concerns a rich man who rejects women sent by his mother to marry him, until he encounters a beautiful woman who changes his life.