What are some popular Korean movies?


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Some popular Korean films include Park Hoon-jung���s ���New World,��� Jang Chul-soo���s ���Bedeviled��� and Lee Su-jin���s ���Han Gong-ju.��� These Korean dramas were all well-received by film critics.

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Gangster movies are a staple of Korean cinema, but Park Hoon-jung���s 2013 film, ���New World,��� presents familiar tropes with modern style. The story of an undercover cop struggling with a rapidly-expanding criminal syndicate and his own conflicted loyalty, the film covers familiar territory but stays fresh, thanks to well-paced drama and excellent action sequences.

Jang Chul-soo���s 2010 horror/thriller film, ���Bedeviled,��� is simultaneously difficult and rewarding. Hae-won is an overworked woman who takes a break to visit Bok-nam, an old friend who now lives on a remote island. Hae-won finds her friend treated little better than a slave by her uncaring husband, and the film contains scenes of cruelty and degradation. Building to a climax in which Bok-nam finally lashes out, this dark, disturbing film won the Korean equivalent of an Oscar for lead actress Seo Yeong-hie���s performance.

���Han Gong-ju��� stars Chun Woo-hee as the film���s eponymous protagonist, a teenage girl who is sent to live in a new town. Chun Woo-hee turns in a gripping performance as a distant, emotionally shattered abuse victim, and the film unfolds slowly to reveal the trauma that the main character has experienced. This 2013 film was Lee Su-jin���s debut, establishing the director as a powerful new voice in Korean cinema.

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