What Are Some Popular Korean Dramas Available on MySoju.tv?

As of November 2015, some popular Korean dramas available on MySoju.tv include "A Daughter Just Like You," "Sweet Home, Sweet Honey," "The Return of Hwang Guem-bok," "Reply 1988," "All Is Well," "Great First Wives" and "D-Day," notes MySoju.tv. Korean dramas are programs made in South Korea and are in the Korean language. They typically broadcast as miniseries of 12 to 24 episodes.

"A Daughter Just Like You" stars Kim Hye-Ok as Hong Ae-Ja, the TV host of a home shopping channel. She has three daughters, Ji-Sung, In-Sung and Hee-Sung. The drama depicts the relationships of these family members and is directed by Oh Hyun-Jong.

"Sweet Home, Sweet Honey" tells the story of Oh Bom, portrayed by Song Ji-eu. She works part time at a factory, and while she has financial difficulties, she tries to remain positive. Other characters in the series are naive Kang Ma-Roo, ambitious An Tae-Ho and rich Choi A-Ran. "Sweet Home, Sweet Honey" is directed by Kim Myung-Wook.

"Reply 1988" is directed by Shin Won-Ho. The TV series shows the lives of five families who live on the same alley road in Seoul, South Korea in 1988.

"Great First Wives" is directed by Kim Heung-Dong, while "D-Day" is directed by Jang Yong-Woo.