What Are Some Popular Khong Hong Bo Movies?


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Popular Khong Hong bo movies, or those "of Hong Kong," tend to center around Hong Kong's tradition of cop genre action, martial arts and cerebral, sometimes haunting, socially introspective drama pieces. Contemporary Hong Kong movies represent cinema that both pushes the boundaries of suspense and questions social morality.

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As a culmination of the modern Hong Kong action thriller, "The Killer," released in 1989, is a collaboration between iconic actor Chow Yun-fat and famous director John Woo. The film follows the life of a Hong Kong assassin classically taking a final job that goes awry. Another classic is "Dumplings," from 2004. This movie, adapted from a 2004 horror anthology called "Three...Extremes," follows an eerie and disturbing drama about how far a woman potentially goes in her quest for perpetual youth. Many more examples can be found on the BFI Film Forever website, giving site visitors a glimpse at popular movies produced in Hong Kong.

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