What Are Some Popular Ken Follett Books?


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Some of Ken Follett's popular books include "The Eye of the Needle," "Triple," "On Wings of Eagles" and "A Dangerous Fortune." "The Pillars of the Earth" and its sequel "World Without End" are Ken Follet's most famous books.

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"The Eye of the Needle," written in 1978, follows Hitler's prize agent as he makes his way across 1944 Britain to escape on a U-Boat where things take an unexpected turn. "Triple," written in 1979, tells the story of three agents from Israel, Egypt and Russia who are fighting each other to be the first to get 200 tons of uranium. Based on a real story, "On Wings of Eagles," written in 1983, depicts a retired Green Beret colonel sent to rescue two Americans from an Iranian jail. In 1993, Follet wrote "A Dangerous Fortune" about the family politics surrounding a vast fortune and socially acceptable behavior in 1866 England.

Ken Follet lists "The Pillars of the Earth," written in 1989, as his favorite of his works. Set in Kingsbridge during a time of war and famine, it follows the lives of the people at the priory of Kingsbridge. It presents an epic love story, followed up in 2007 with "World Without End" that is set 200 years later in Kingsbridge. The main characters are four children who are descendants of the main characters in "The Pillars of the Earth." The book follows their lives as they try to get away from the trauma of watching a murder in the forest.

"Eye of the Needle" was one of Follet's most successful books, selling more than 10 million copies, and it was made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland. Ken Follet was born in Cardiff, Wales, on June 5, 1949. He worked as a reporter and a columnist before venturing into his writing career. At first, he wrote books under the pseudonym Symon Myles. "The Big Needle" (1974) and "The Big Black" (1974) were his first two books.

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