What Are Some Popular Jeff Bridges Movies?

What Are Some Popular Jeff Bridges Movies?

Some popular Jeff Bridges movies are "The Contender," "Starman," "The Big Lebowski" and "The Last Picture Show." Another popular Jeff Bridges movie is "Stick It," which centers on the lives of teenage gymnasts.

"The Contender" came to theaters in 2000. In "The Contender," Bridges plays a president of the United States who tries to replace his deceased vice president with a woman, played by Joan Allen. Bridges received an Oscar nomination for the role.

Bridges' first Oscar nod came from "Starman" in 1984. Bridges plays an alien in the movie. His character decides to embody a deceased person.

"The Big Lebowski" came out in 1998. Bridges plays a fat, pot-smoking man named Jeff Lebowski. Someone mistakes Lebowski for a gangster also named Lebwoski, and a series of mishaps follow. John Goodman also stars in the movie, playing a friend of Bridges' character.

Another of Bridges' famous films, 1971's "The Last Picture Show," earned Bridges an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the age of 21. Bridges' character, Duane, suffers a broken heart at the hands of the local school beauty, and moves to Korea. At the end of the film, Duane returns to attend the local movie theater before it closes, as television replaces film as the primary source of entertainment in the town.

In 2006's "Stick It," Bridges plays a gruff gymnastics coach named Burt Vickerman. The plot follows a young rebel as she attempts to make a comeback in the sport of gymnastics.