What Are Some Popular Health Care Magazines?

What Are Some Popular Health Care Magazines?

Some widely read health care magazines are "Harvard Health Journal," "Annual Review of Public Health," "American Journal of Preventative Medicine", "Drug Safety" and "Medical Care." Other popular health care magazines include "Journal of Adolescent Health," "American Journal of Public Health," "Preventative Medicine" and "Bulletin of the World Health Organization."

"Harvard Health Journal" publishes the latest findings from both Harvard and other prestigious medical research institutions. The staff at Harvard University is well known and respected for its research and medical insights.

"Annual Review of Public Health" factors in the need for better public health systems as well as analysis of the social systems under which those systems works. The magazine has a variety of topics featured in it, and looks as systems around the world. This allows it to give insights on how medicine is affecting the world around it.

"American Journal of Preventative Medicine" looks at the latest in intervention and prevention. The magazine is focused on alerting medical professionals to the latest methods of preventing medical conditions. It also looks to help understand why people do damage to themselves.

"Preventative Medicine" focuses on the study of public health and programs meant to prevent disease. Topics in the magazine include heart disease, cancer and many pediatric conditions.