What Are Some Popular Gospel Songs Jimmy Swaggart Sings?

What Are Some Popular Gospel Songs Jimmy Swaggart Sings?

"Meeting in the Air," "There is a River," "Let Your Living Water Flow" and "I've Never Been This Homesick Before" are popular gospel songs by Pentecostal preacher Jimmy Swaggart. Jimmy Swaggart is the leader of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has released many gospel albums, and appears daily on the "Jimmy Swaggart Telecast," which is a televangelist show, and "A Study in the World," a radio show on Son Life Radio.

Swaggart's albums include "Christ is My Everything," released in 1988, and "It's Beginning to Rain" in 1986. He is the cousin of musician Jerry Lee Lewis.

In "Meeting in the Air," Swaggart sings about a meeting between Moses, Joseph, David and other biblical figures led by Jesus. "There is a River" likens faith in God to a river that never runs dry and tells of a woman who found salvation in it. In "I've Never Been This Homesick Before," Swaggart sings about seeing a bright light and the faces of all of his family young again.

Other popular tracks by Swaggart are "Holy Ground," "He Was There All the Time," "He Grew the Tree" and

"O Happy Day." Fans can buy Swaggart's music on websites such as iTunes.