What Are Some Popular Funny Home Video Scenarios?


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Some popular funny home video scenarios focus on accidents and mishaps that occur while people attempt to perform tricks or stunts, such as jumping into a pool from a roof or riding a bike off a dock into a lake. Other topics include unexpectedly falling while performing seemingly safe tasks as well as men being hit in the groin.

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Many popular funny home videos take place within the home environment as a person or group of people try to perform a stunt, trick or other coordinated activity and things go awry. This may include attempts to perform sports tricks or complex physical activities, such as doing a flip on a trampoline.

Other popular home scenarios revolve around a person doing something that should be safe, but ending up in an unexpected situation. This may include a person attempting to walk through a door without realizing that it is actually glass, or sitting on a chair that suddenly falls apart.

Videos of babies and pets are also popular subjects for funny home videos, as both pets and babies frequently do things that others consider to be out of the norm. The site AFV.com includes many videos of babies making humours sounds, silly faces or focusing intently on inanimate objects. Some funny videos involve both pets and children.

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