What Are Some Popular Features of Hobbit House Plans?


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Popular hobbit house plans typically feature whimsical architectural touches - such as oversized chimneys, butterfly-style windows and doors with centered knobs - and earthy construction materials like natural stone, hardwood and straw. In traditional Middle-Earth style, most hobbit houses are built into the earth and are covered by grass roofing.

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What Are Some Popular Features of Hobbit House Plans?
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Many hobbit home plans are designed to blend into the natural environment and include space for moss-covered walkways, plenty of surrounding woodland area and natural log interior and exterior furniture. Hobbit homes typically strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, incorporating elements like mud and straw bale insulation, reclaimed wood rafters and lime-plastered walls. Popular hobbit homes are primarily circular in design, with round or oval windows, doors and interior spaces.

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