What Are Some Popular Ethiopian Songs?


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One popular Ethiopian song is "Yene Daha" by Mikiyas Chernet, a song about a man who misses the woman he loves because she is working in foreign lands. Another song is "Fesum Yelesh Acha" by TilaHun Gessese. Gessese is well-known for his patriotic themes in his music. Popular Ethiopian music blends the cultural heritage and traditions of the country as well as blending it with modern pop music.

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Other popular Ethiopian songs include hip-hop songs such as "Elelta" by Samvod and "Alex" by Wey Mela Nesh Alu, as well as more traditional Ethiopian music such as "Alebsise" by Zema Sabawiyan and "Selemawit Gebru" by Konho Medwed. Music tastes in Ethiopia tend to be a mix of the two genres. While many Ethiopians enjoy modern popular music, there is always a healthy respect for more traditional music. A popular blend of the two often results in jazz, the genre the country is perhaps best known for, producing such stalwarts as Mulatu Astatqe, Mahmoud Ahmed, Seyfu Yohannes and Gétatchèw Kassa. Double entedre and symbolism also became a heavy lyrical influence under the Derg regime in the 1980s. This allowed more independent musicians to criticize the government without getting caught by government censors.

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