What Are Some Popular Ethiopian Dramas?

What Are Some Popular Ethiopian Dramas?

Dana, Betoch, Sew Le Sew and Chelot are some popular Ethiopian dramas, as of 2015. Some of the shows are available to watch on the Internet or television.

Dana, produced by East African Film Production and made for Ethiopian Television, stars Ethiopian actors Meron Getnet, Getnet Enyew and Tesfu Birhane. This show, which premiered Sunday April 7, 2013, offers a drama with elements of humor, giving the show a lighter feel than other dramatic series. This show is available to watch on the Ethiopian Television website or on YouTube.

Betoch, produced by Tilahun Gugsa, is also made for Ethiopian Television, which is also known as ETV. This show, airing on Saturdays, is a mix of drama, comedy and adventure and is also available to view without commercials on ETV's website and YouTube.

Sew Le Sew is one of the most popular shows on ETV. The show, which started 2011, is one of the longer running series on the channel. Recaps of the episodes are available on ETV's website.

Chelot is unique from the other shows because it is a courtroom drama. With a new cast every week, this show displays how the Ethiopian judicial system functions. The show focuses on a wide range of cases, including divorce, child labor, reckless driving, insurance issues and relationship disputes.