What Are Some Popular Episodes From the Finding Bigfoot TV Show?


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As of 2015, the most popular episodes of "Finding Bigfoot" as gauged by the highest user ratings on IMDb are "Bigfoot Hoedown," "Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon" and "Birth of a Legend." Other popular episodes include "Big Rhodey" and "Virgin Sasquatch."

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In "Bigfoot Hoedown," the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization team investigates a West Virginia backyard Bigfoot sighting. "Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon" chronicles the team's investigation of an Oregonian Bigfoot video. "Birth of a Legend" features the recreation of the well-known Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film in Bluff Creek, California. "Big Rhodey" details the team's investigative expedition to Rhode Island, and "Virgin Sasquatch" follows the team's return to Oregon to examine alleged Bigfoot tracks.

TV Guide, Amazon.com, Wikipedia, and IMDb's "Finding Bigfoot" episode lists each contain contradictory information. Episode titles are generally consistent between the websites, but episode and season numbers vary. Amazon.com and TV Guide do not include all of the "Finding Bigfoot" specials, such as "Birth of a Legend," in their episode listings. Consumers looking for a specific episode should double-check episode names and descriptions to ensure that they find the correct one.

Full episodes from eight seasons of "Finding Bigfoot" are available for purchase through Amazon Instant Video. Amazon.com also offers up to season four on DVD. Animal Planet, the home network of "Finding Bigfoot," hosts highlight clips of the show, bios, and information about the series.

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