What Are Some Popular Dance Terms?

What Are Some Popular Dance Terms?

Examples of popular dance terms include "arm styling," "allegro," "ballet blanc" and "barrel jump." Other examples of dance terms are "character dancing" and "danseur noble."

"Arm styling" refers to how the positions and movements of the arms reflect the character being portrayed and the style of dance. "Allegro" is a kind of dance that features a fast or moderate tempo. It also refers to the part of ballet class in which the dancers practice fast turning, jumping and beaten steps.

"Ballet blanc" refers to a ballet performance in which all the female dancers where a white tutu. The second and fourth acts of "Swan Lake" are ballet blanc performances. A "barrel jump" is a type of jump where the dancer turns in the air and is parallel with the floor.

"Character dancing" is any type of dance that is derived from folk or traditional dances of a nation. "Danseur noble" refers to the male dancer who plays the lead or "princely" role in a classical ballet performance. A good example of this is the Prince in "Swan Lake."

Additional examples of dance terms include "arabesque" and "adagio." "Arabesque" refers to a position where the dancer stands on one leg and the other leg is extended back at a 90 degree angle. "Adagio" is a type of dance class that focuses on balance and sustained movement.