What Are Some Popular Dance Poems?

What Are Some Popular Dance Poems?

Some popular dance poems include "Dance" by Mary Carolyn Davies and "To a Dancer" by Arthur Symons. In addition, author Carl Sandburg wrote a well-known poem called "Vaudeville Dancer" that speaks to a woman who grew up to become a vaudeville dancer.

Mary Carolyn Davies' "Dance" describes how God is with the dancer when she dances. The author likens her dancing to God putting thoughts and emotions into practice through dance. Through dance, God is sobbing, throbbing and creating in the dancer, says Davies.

Arthur Symons describes the dancer's eyes as intoxicating in "To a Dancer." Symons depicts how the dancer's eyes gleam for the author's delight across the footlights of the performance stage. The dancer's rhythm inspires and thrills the author.

In "Vaudeville Dancer," Sandburg identifies the dancer by name and enthusiastically states that the dancer found a job in a jazz club. The author describes the dancer's craft as a shimmy, and he says that the crowds respond with great appreciation when the dancer demonstrates her craft. The author says that he knew the dancer when she was young and that the dancer's mother warned her to stay off the streets. Sandburg says that despite the mother's warnings, the dancer's name is in lights and that people line up in hopes of watching the dancer.

Sandburg also wrote another poem about dancing called "Mask." This poem describes a dancer with a red scarf, which is depicted as powerful and mesmerizing. He implores the dancer to wave the red scarf faster.