What Are Some Popular Cowboy Poems?


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Paul Harwitz's "A Cowboy Needs Wide Open Spaces" and "I'm Just a Young Cowboy" are popular cowboy poems, according to TheWildWest.org. Badger Clark's "Cowboy's Prayer" is also a beloved cowboy poem.

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In Harwitz's "A Cowboy Needs Wide Open Spaces," each line, except for the last line, begins with "A cowboy needs." Everything that a cowboy needs, such as "wild, untamed places" and "room to roam around" represents freedom. The last line states that the reason why the cowboy needs the things the speaker lists is to keep him from becoming "deranged!"

The young cowboy speaker in Harwitz's "I'm Just a Young Cowboy" thanks God for being a cowboy and celebrates how he does not need the majority of humanity. He considers himself free from the rules and restrictions of town life, claiming he does not want to marry, but is interested in a school teacher.

The speaker in Clark's "Cowboy's Prayer" is a praying cowboy on the starlit plains. He says he feels that God is close to him, even though he has "never lived where churches grow." The speaker thanks God for the freedom that comes with a cowboy's lifestyle, as he stands outside of normal society. He asks God to make him honest and generous, and for forgiveness and guidance.

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