What Are Some Popular Comedy Skits From "The Carol Burnett Show"?


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Some popular comedy skits from "The Carol Burnett Show" are "As the Stomach Turns," a recurring parody of afternoon soap operas; "The Family" series of sketches chronicling the misadventures of a dysfunctional Midwestern clan; and "Nora Desmond," an over-the-top spoof of Gloria Swanson's "Sunset Boulevard" character, Norma Desmond. These sketches were frequently reappearing staples during the show's 11-year run, amidst many other recurring favorites and a sizable portion of one-off skits.

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Other notable "Carol Burnett Show" sketches include "Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins," in which a bubble-headed secretary obliviously drives her boss insane with frustration; "The Queen," featuring a send-up of Queen Elizabeth somehow remaining regal amidst outrageous royal mishaps; and "The Old Folks," featuring Molly and Bert, an old couple in rocking chairs comically reminiscing from their front porch vantage point.

The show also featured regular movie parodies lampooning well-known films both old and new. "Went with the Wind" spoofed the classic Civil War epic "Gone with the Wind"; "Lovely Story" parodied '70s tearjerker "Love Story"; and the take-off "Rebecky" lampooned Alfred Hitchcock’s "Rebecca."

"The Carol Burnett Show" also satirized television itself. A recurring segment featured short black-outs sending up popular commercials of the day, such the Tidy Bowl man, Chiffon Margarine's "Mother Nature" and Euell Gibbons of Grape Nuts' fame. Series send-ups included Cobumble (a "Columbo" parody), the game show spoof "The Dater's Game" and "Yung Fool," a comic riff on "Kung Fu."

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