Who Are Some Popular Christian Painters?

Many of the most famous painters of Christian art were active during the Renaissance era including Paolo Veronese, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Giovanni Bellini. Popular modern painters of Christian art include Mark Lawrence, Edward Knippers, Justin Brown, George Ioannou and Thomas Kinkade.

Though not all were devout Christians, the Renaissance painters created some of the most influential Christian paintings in the world. Leonardo da Vinci painted "The Last Summer," which depicts Jesus at the last supper with his 12 disciples. Da Vinci completed the work on the wall of a Dominican convent in Milan, Italy, from 1495 to 1498.

Michelangelo painted the famous "The Creation of Adam" on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Vatican City from 1511 to 1512. The painting depicts God with Adam, symbolizing the moment when God created the first human. Paolo Veronese painted "Wedding at Cana" with oil on canvas, depicting the biblical parable where Jesus turns water into wine at a wedding.

Modern Christian painter George Ioannou is well known for hundreds of paintings that depict Christian icons. Thomas Kinkade's paintings are some of the most collected paintings in the world, while Justin Brown focuses on recreating moments in his paintings from the parables found in the Bible.