What Are Some Popular Chinese Songs?

What Are Some Popular Chinese Songs?

Some popular Chinese songs as of 2015 include Phoenix Legend's “On The Moon,” Andy Lau's “Stupid Child” and Sam Lee's “Let Go of My Hand.” Music has been a huge part of Chinese culture for years, and archaeologists have found ancient instruments made out of clay, hide, silk and bamboo.

Phoenix Legend is a music duo in China that features rapper Zeng Yi and female vocalist Yangwei Linghua. They typically blend hip-hop elements with rap, which gives them a wide appeal.

In 2012, China Daily reported that Phoenix Legend had sold over 6 million albums in China since 2005. Ten songs from the duo's four albums reached over 1 billion hits online during the same time frame. “Above the Moon” was the song that brought them international success. They performed it on the TV show “Star Boulevard.”

Andy Lau is known in China for being a songwriter and singer. He is also a film producer and presenter.

Over his career, Lau has been in more than 160 films and was in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Awards Won by a Cantopop Male Artist. Lau put out his first album “Only Know that I Still Love You” in 1985 under Capital Artists. It wasn't a success, and it wasn't until the release of his “Would it Be Possible” album in 1990 that the public began to take him seriously as a singer.