What are some popular car commercials?


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Some popular car commercials include the 2009 commercial for the Audi R8, the 2003 commercial for the Honda Accord Sport Wagon, the 2008 commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta and the 1998 commercial for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, according to Complex. The Audi R8 commercial, entitled "Old Luxury," was based on a scene from "The Godfather," symbolically warning competitors that Audi was taking the throne.

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Honda's award-winning 2003 commercial for the Honda Accord Sport Wagon, entitled "The Cog," was intended to reinvigorate Honda's otherwise run-of-the-mill image. It featured car parts coming together from scratch to form the Accord.

The Volkswagen Jetta commercial, "Like," showed cars crashing to underscore the safety of the Jetta, and "Not In This Weather," the Mercedes-Benz commercial, used the theme of martial infidelity.

Many car commercials are popular for their visual appeal. The 1989 commercial for the Lexus LS400, for example, featured the car sailing along with a pyramid of glasses stacked on its hood. This was intended to emphasize the smooth, quiet and lightweight characteristics of the LS400. Other popular car commercials use celebrities, such as the 2002 BMW Z4 commercial, which featured Don Cheadle, Ray Liotta and Clive Owen, and the 1985 Citroen CX commercial, which featured Grace Jones.

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