What Are Some Popular Books by Jayne Ann Krentz?


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Some popular books by Jayne Ann Krentz include “Trust No One,” “River Road” and “Hidden Talents.” Krentz is known for writing novels that mix romance with suspense, thriller and supernatural elements.

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“Trust No One” begins with protagonist Grace Elland discovering the body of her boss, a prominent motivational speaker. Reeling from the loss, Grace retreats to her hometown, where she meets venture-capitalist Julius Arkwright. Beginning a relationship with Arkwright, Grace soon realizes she is being stalked, as the legacy of her deceased employer and his crumbling business empire sets in motion a plot that threatens both Grace and everyone around her.

In “River Road,” Lucy Sheridan returns to her hometown following a family death, only to stumble onto the legacy of a crime that almost claimed her own life 13 years ago. When Lucy discovers a shocking secret in her deceased aunt’s house, it sheds light on Tristan, the cold-hearted rich kid who targeted Lucy years ago. Reconnecting with Mason Fletcher, the man who saved her from trouble in the past, Lucy must unravel the mystery surrounding her aunt’s death and an act of violence 13 years in the past.

“Hidden Talents” finds Serenity Makepeace, a small town grocer, seeking the help of a high-powered financial advisor to save her business. Caleb Ventress doesn’t usually deal with clients so small, but his attraction to Serenity encourages him to help her. When someone attempts to blackmail Serenity, she and Caleb must foil a plot that threatens both her business and her life.

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