What Are Some of the Most Popular Biographies Written by Doctors?


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Some popular biographies written by medical doctors are “My Own Country: A Doctor's Story” by Abraham Verghese, “Mortal Lessons” by Richard Selzer and “The Puzzle People” by Thomas Starzl.

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What Are Some of the Most Popular Biographies Written by Doctors?
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One medical biography considered essential reading for medical students is Dr. Abraham Verghese’s “My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story,” his memoir of treating AIDS in rural Tennessee. A specialist in infectious diseases, Dr. Verghese recounts his time in practice in Johnson City, treating and educating patients already suspicious of the medical profession about how to protect themselves from HIV.

Considered a classic, surgeon Richard Selzer’s “Mortal Lessons: Notes on the Art of Surgery” is a collection on essays about the human consequences of medicine for patients and doctors drawn from his training and experience as a practicing physician and Yale professor. Noted for its lyrical and poetic prose, “Mortal Lessons” is considered one of the most readable medical biographies.

In “The Puzzle People,” Thomas Starzl, regarded as the father of modern organ transplantation, writes about his struggle to develop liver transplants in the face of charges in the media that he engaged in human experimentation. He recounts the technical process of learning to remove and replace a damaged liver as well as his growing understanding of how to overcome organ rejection.

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