What Are Some Popular Armenian Television Serials?


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"Vtangavor Khagher," "Bakhtaber" and "Glendale Life" are three popular Armenian television serials. Whereas "Vtangavor Khagher" and "Bakhtaber" film in Yerevan, Armenia, "Glendale Life" films in the United States as it focuses on the life of Armenian migrants to the Californian city of Glendale.

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"Vtangavor Khagher," which means "Dangerous Games," is an Armenian television serial that focuses on the life of the boxing champion Mark and the various dangers he encounters in the Armenian boxing scene. "Bakhtaber" deals with the life of a character named David who has just returned to Yerevan from the army. "Glendale Life" shows the luxurious lives of a group of Armenians in the Los Angeles area who try to become famous in the city's entertainment industry.

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