What Are Some Popular Animated Kids' Shows?


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Some popular animated children's shows as of 2015 are "Pokémon and" "Dexter's Laboratory." Other popular ones are "The Powerpuff Girls," "Johnny Test," "Looney Tunes," "Ben 10" and "Dragon Ball GT."

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"Pokémon" follows the adventures of a 10-year old boy, Ash Ketchum, who receives his first Pokémon, Pikachu, from Professor Oak. Together with Pikachu and his friends, Ash sets out on a journey to capture more Pokémon to train and fight each other for sport. Short for "pocket monsters," Pokémon is a Japanese franchise that started with videogames and spawned comic books, movies and toys. The series airs over The Cartoon Network.

"Dexter's Laboratory" is a sci-fi animation that tells the story of a boy-genius named Dexter who has a secret lab behind his bedroom bookcase filled with inventions. Dexter battles evil schoolmate Mandark who plots to destroy Dexter's inventions to gain power for himself. The series originally aired on The Cartoon Network in 1996 with new episodes produced until 2003.

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