What Are Some Popular 3-D Blu-Ray Movies?

What Are Some Popular 3-D Blu-Ray Movies?

Some popular 3-D Blu-ray movies as of 2015 are "Avatar," "Tron:Legacy," "Gravity," "Hugo" and "Pacific Rim." All these movies were originally filmed in 3-D for their theatrical releases.

"Avatar," directed by James Cameron, started a 3-D trend and became the gold standard for how filmmakers should use the technology. Cameron's use of 3-D effects were more subtle than other directors, as he chose to use depth and layering to make the viewers feel as if they were apart of the alien world.

"Tron: Legacy" was a sequel to the original "Tron," shot 30 years earlier. The design and use of 3-D was impressive, though the sequel never became as popular as the original.

"Gravity," starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, was another 3-D masterpiece. The film takes place in space and uses depth and impressive effects, such as when space debris goes whizzing by.

"Hugo," directed by Martin Scorsese, takes place in 1930s Paris. While not an action film, Scorsese uses 3-D in a more old fashioned way, with many flying objects to duck while watching.

"Pacific Rim," a film by Guillermo del Toro, features Godzilla-like creatures attacking Earth from another dimension through fissures in the oceans. Huge monsters fighting equally large machines makes great use of the 3-D effect.