How Are Pop-up Event Tents Assembled?


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Assembling pop-up event tents involves opening the frame, spreading the canopy, straightening the center pole, locking the corner posts at the desired height and using stakes to anchor the corners, if appropriate. For safety, the process works better with two people.

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Before erecting the tent, a site assessment is recommended to ensure the ground is level, free of obstructions and away from any sources of fire or exhaust. If staking the tent, locate underground utilities and sprinkler systems first. Another safety consideration is the possibility that the locking mechanisms pinch fingers. Wear work gloves to minimize this risk.

After unpacking the tent from its carrying bag, two people hold the bundle upright positioned at the center of the desired location. Using the opposite corner posts, they walk slowly backward away from each other until the tent fully extends. The assemblers pull the canopy over the frame to each corner, clipping any straps or fasteners to each post. Moving back to the center, they straighten the central shaft, sliding it up to the desired height. At that point, they use a locking mechanism to secure the shaft into place, taking care to avoid pinching their fingers.

The assemblers move to the corners, raising each post to the height selected for the central shaft and locking the posts into place. Typically, the posts are attached to foot plates that the assemblers can use to stand on for stability while adjusting the height. If the tent is not on cement, the assemblers can pound stakes through loops or ropes into the ground to support the structure against any wind or accidental jostling.

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