What Are Some Polish Films of 2015?

Polish films released in 2015 include Malgorzata Szumowska’s "Body" and Bartosz Prokopowicz’s "Chemo." "Body" is a black comedy dealing with the different ways in which people see their bodies and "Chemo" is a drama about cancer and inspired by a true story.

"Body" follows the story of Janusz, a homicide prosecutor and an alcoholic living in Warsaw. He is immune to the many dead bodies he has to see on a daily basis thanks to his work, but when it comes to watching his anorexic daughter slowly destroying herself, he feels at loss. He tries to help her by having her committed to a clinic, where a therapist named Anna takes care of her. However, Anna has her own demons. Years before, she lost her baby to cot-death and now believes she can communicate with the dead.

"Chemo" is inspired by the life of the director’s wife, Magdalena Prokopowicz, the head of Polish charity Rak’n’Roll, which helps people with cancer. Magdalena was diagnosed with the illness when she was 27 and became pregnant right after. In the movie, 30-year-old Benek meets Lena, a beautiful young woman, and together they embark on a wild journey. Benek soon discovers that the reason Lena shares some of his suicidal thoughts is because she has terminal cancer that she has no intention of treating.