How Do You Polish a Cut Glass Edge?


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To polish a cut glass edge, place the glass on a kiln shelf, and raise the kiln temperature to 1300 F. Watch the edge carefully, and cool the kiln as soon as the edge softens. This eight-hour procedure requires a kiln, a kiln shelf, kiln shelf paper and heatproof gloves.

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  1. Prepare the glass and kiln shelf

    Line a kiln shelf with kiln shelf paper, and set the glass on it with the cut edge facing up.

  2. Load the kiln

    Set the shelf in the kiln, and close the door.

  3. Heat the glass

    Heat the kiln by 400 degrees per hour until the temperature reaches 1000 F. Keep the temperature there for 20 minutes, then raise it to 1300 F as fast as possible. Hold the kiln at that temperature for five minutes.

  4. Crash cool the kiln

    Put on heatproof gloves, crack the kiln door open and crash cool the kiln to 950 F. Hold the kiln at that temperature for one hour.

  5. Finish cooling the kiln

    Reduce the temperature by 400 degrees per hour until the interior of the kiln is at room temperature. Put on heatproof gloves, remove the kiln shelf and lift the polished glass off of it. Discard the kiln shelf paper.

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