Who Are Some Poets That Write Love Poems in Urdu?

Some poets who wrote love poems in Urdu are Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869), Meer Taqi Meer (1723-1810), Allama Iqbal (1877-1938), Momin Khan Momin (1800-1851) and Khawaja Meer Dard (1721-1785). These poets typically wrote ghazals, a poetic form that is used for love poetry.

Ghazals express the beauty and pains of love and are traditionally focused on the subject of superior love. Mirza Ghalib's poem "It Is Not Love It Is Madness," for instance, primarily expresses anguished love, whereas Allama Iqbal's "I Desire" creates a picture of passionate and unconditional love. Other popular Urdu love poems include "Last Night" by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, "The Eager Traveler" by Ahmed Faraz and "Strange Currents" by Amir Khusrow.