What Are Poetic Elements?


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Poetic elements are literary tools used by authors when they write poetry. There are several poetic elements, and a different combination of them can be used in each individual poem. Each element serves to make a poem more imaginative, interesting or compelling according to the author's wishes.

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Repetition of words starting with the same letter or sound, such as "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper" is called alliteration. Caesura is a noticeable break in a line of poetry or prose, which creates a dramatic pause. Personification is the practice of attributing human characteristics to nonhuman objects or creatures. All these are examples of poetic devices.

An allusion is a poetic device in which the author makes reference to a well-known person, place or event. Imagery is the creation of mental images through the use of descriptive language, which allows the reader to visualize what is taking place in a poem. The rhyme scheme of a poem is very important; it is the order and way in which words rhyme in a poem. The rhythm of the rhyme scheme can indicate a lot about the poem's contents. The tone of a poem is the attitude or perspective from which the author is writing, which becomes clear through the type of language the poet uses.

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