What Are Some Poems Written for Young Children?

What Are Some Poems Written for Young Children?

A cute poem for young children is called "Mine" by Lilian Moore while another short poem is called "First Grade," written by William Stafford. Others include "Valentine," a poem by Donald Hall and "About the Teeth of Sharks," which teaches kids about shark's teeth.

The poem "About the Teeth of Sharks" reads, "The thing about a shark is teeth. one row above, one row beneath. Now take a close look. Do you find it has another row behind. Still closer, here, I'll hold your hat. Has it a third row behind that? now look in an, look out! Oh my. I'll never know now. Well, goodbye."

The poem "First Grade" goes like this: "In the play, Amy didn't want to be anybody, so she managed the curtain. Sharon wanted to be Amy, but Sam wouldn't let anybody be anybody else. He said it was all wrong. 'All right,' Steve said. 'I'll be me, but I don't like it.' So Amy was Amy, and we didn't have the play. And Sharon cried."

"Chipmunks jump, and green snakes slither. Rather burst than not be with her. Bluebirds fight, but bears are stronger. We've got fifty years or longer. Hoptoads hop, but hogs are fatter. Nothing else but us can matter." This is the poem "Valentine."

"Mine" reads, "I made a sand castle. In rolled the sea. 'All sand castles belong to me, to me,' said the sea. I dug sand tunnels. In flowed the sea. 'All sand tunnels belong to me, to me,' said the sea. I saw my sand pail floating free. I ran and snatched it from the sea. 'My sand pail belongs to me, to me!'"