What Are Some Poems Written in Honor of Soldiers?


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Two famous poems that honor soldiers are John McCrae's poem, "In Flander's Fields," and Rupert Brook's poem, "The Soldier." Both poems were written to commemorate soldiers who fought in WWI. John McCrae wrote "In Flander's Fields" in 1915, after watching his friend and fellow soldier die. Rupert Brook wrote "The Soldier" in 1914, the year that WWI broke out. Both pieces are still used in memorial services or taught in classrooms.

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While "In Flander's Fields" and "The Soldier" are both famous, they have achieved different levels of success. "In Flander's Fields" is still popular today. In fact, because it describes soldiers being buried in a poppy field, the poem has led to poppies being used as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers.

On the other hand, Rupert Brook's poem "The Soldier" is sometimes criticized for being too optimistic. The poem suggests that soldiers will experience a pleasant afterlife when they die, and it glosses over the more unpleasant aspects of war. For this reason, Brook is not as famous as other WWI poets. Writers like William Owen or Siegfried Sassoon are more well known than Brook, because these poets typically focus on the pointless brutality of war rather than on the promise of a pleasant afterlife.

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