What Are Some Poems Written for the First Lady?

Two poems written for Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States as of 2015, are "First Lady" by Maxine Yvonne Coleman and "First Lady Michelle" by Ashley Marquita Nelson. Both of these short poems contain positive appraisals of Michelle Obama.

Coleman's poem "First Lady" consists of nine rhyming stanzas that praise Obama for her loyal service to her country, her husband and her god. Although the poem never explicitly mentions Obama by name, it lists her predecessors and therefore implies that she is the subject. While Coleman praises a variety of Obama's admirable qualities within the poem, she seems primarily impressed with the first lady's devotion to her Christian faith, and she mentions prayer frequently throughout the work. "First Lady" is available at VoicesNet.org, where it has more than 17,000 views.

"First Lady Michelle" by Nelson is a 22-line poem that praises Obama for her poise, dignity and her motherly nature, calling her the "mother of our future." The poem makes Nelson's deep admiration of Mrs. Obama very clear; the author states several times how much she would like to meet the first lady in person to thank her for her inspiring work. The poem is available at FamilyFriendPoems.com.