What Poems Are Written for Deer Hunters?


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Poems about deer and deer hunting include "To Kill a Deer" by Carol Frost, "The Book of the Deer, the Boar, and the Elk" by Henry Carlile, and "Like As a Huntsman After Weary Chase" by Edmund Spenser. Helen Mort's poem "Deer" describes the ghostly movement and appearance of deer.

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Edmund Spenser wrote "Like As a Huntsman After Weary Chase" in the 16th century, when deer hunting was a sport for the British aristocrats who read his poetry. "Like As a Huntsman After Weary Chase" uses deer hunting as an analogy for the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Henry Carlile's "The Book of the Deer, the Boar, and the Elk" includes realistic scenes of a boy hunting deer and of the same boy being punished by his father for ruining the meat by using multiple bullets. Carlile was a late 20th-century poet who lived and wrote in the northwest United States.

Carol Frost's "To Kill a Deer" is a detailed account of a hunting experience. This poem is notable for featuring a capable huntress rather than a hunter. Helen Mort's "Deer" also highlights the feminine perspective. In this poem, Mort describes being a child and seeing the deer that her mother is watching.

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