What Are Some Poems or Words of Inspiration for a Daughter?


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Examples of poems for a daughter include "For My Daughter" by David Ignatow; "A Mother Gazes upon Her Daughter" by Henry Timrod; and "To My Daughter" by Victor Marie Hugo. An example of an inspirational quote for a daughter is, "A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give," by Laurel Atherton.

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The poem "For My Daughter" is about how a father never leaves his daughter, even after he seems to die. In the poem, he instructs his daughter to choose a star and name it after him. The last stanza of the poem says, "When I die/ choose a star and name it/ after me so that I may shine / down on you, until you join / me in darkness and silence / together." The beginning of this poem describes how his daughter was a star to him during his life.

"A Mother Gazes upon Her Daughter" is a poem that depicts how a mother feels when her daughter is getting married. It describes how the mother has faith that the daughter can fulfill her wifely duties with love and strength. This poem also talks about how her husband must be worthy of that love.

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