What Are Some Poems That Were Made in Memory of a Mother?


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Some poems that were made in memory of a mother include "The Watcher" and "Remembrance." Another poem made in memory of a mother is "Mother," and the poem talks about the mother's smile and golden heart.

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"The Watcher" focuses on the mother's constant protection of her children. The writer talks about how the mother worried when her children did not return home on time. Her worry extended to all seasons. She constantly concerned herself with the welfare of her children, and because of her care, the children found their mother's home a happy and loving place. The poem talks about how the mother now waits at heaven's gate for her children.

"Remembrance" talks about the daughter's life journey. The daughter credits the mother's care for the daughter's personal growth in love and honesty. The daughter writes that the mother helped the daughter develop morals and a life's purpose. The mother's lessons included confidence to dream and to pursue dreams. In the poem, the daughter expresses a hope to become a loving parent like her mother. The poem's closing pledges to remember the mother as the daughter travels through life.

"Mother" says that the mother didn't appear to age during life. She had a beautiful smile and kind spirit. The poem talks about the mother's outward and inner beauty. The poems ends by encouraging the reader to remain positive because the mother still watches over her children. The poem urges the children to behave in a way that meets the mother's approval because the mother still sees her children's behavior.

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