What Are Some Poems About Veterans?

What Are Some Poems About Veterans?

Some poems about veterans are "Final Inspection" by Joshua Helterbran and "A Veteran." Another poem about veterans that offers appreciation for the efforts of veterans is "The Noble and the Brave: A Veteran's Day Tribute."

"Final Inspection" tells the story of a soldier that dies and goes to meet God. The soldier tells God that at times he acted violently and that he carried a gun. He also occasionally worked on Sunday.

The soldier goes on to say that in life, he never took anything that didn't belong to him. He also helped everyone he met that needed help. After recounting his many misdeeds, he fearfully asks God to allow him to live in heaven. God welcomes the solder into heaven and tells the man that he belongs in heaven because he already spent enough time in hell.

"A Veteran" tells readers to thank people that they see wearing uniforms. People should thank veterans for protecting the freedoms that people cherish, the poem says. People should express pride for the efforts of veterans and an appreciation for their efforts to keep the United States safe and free.

'The Noble and the Brave: A Veteran's Day Tribute" thanks veterans for leaving friends and family and giving up normal life to serve in the military. The poem talks about the many sacrifices that veterans make such as losing friends and even death. The poem calls for honoring veterans because they are the country's heroes.