What Are Poems for Teenage Mothers?


Poems for teenage mothers are poems that focus on teenage pregnancy, typically written for or by adolescents experiencing pregnancy. Websites such as Best Teen Poems, Poem Hunter, and Power Poetry maintain extensive collections of poems regarding teen motherhood. The Best Teen Poems site allows readers to search by rating, making it easy to find the most popular poems on the subject in their collection.

Online poetry collections are the best resources for finding poems about teen pregnancy. There is a variety of teen pregnancy poems available, ranging from personal experiences to cautionary tales. The speakers of these poems also vary, but first person narration from the perspective of the mother is common. Many of these websites also include user-generated content and allows readers to submit their own poems for online publication.

Poetry books focusing on teen pregnancy are difficult to find, however there are countless publications regarding general motherhood or adolescence. Things I Have to Tell You: Poems and Writing by Teenage Girls, by editor Betsy Franco, and Paint Me Like I Am, by editor Bill Aguado, both feature poetry written by teenage girls. Though few of these poems focus specifically on pregnancy, many of the poems address similar themes seen in teen pregnancy-specific poetry.