What Are Some Poems About Springtime?

What Are Some Poems About Springtime?


Among the many poems dedicated to springtime are William Blake's "To Spring," Robert Louis Stevenson's "Spring Song" and Emily Dickinson's "Spring Is the Period." Some more modern poems on the season are "Spring Is Special" by Seema Chowdhury and "Grand Spring" by S. D. Tiwari.

While most poems that focus on spring detail its beauty and newness of life, each brings its own unique approach. "To Spring" is a message for the very personification of this season possessing "dewy locks," "holy feet," "perfumed garments" and "fair fingers." The poem also speaks of the longing with which man awaits spring and the mourning the earth experiences before its arrival.

"Spring Song" evaluates the coexistence of love and spring. As the poet contemplates on how the two "came lone by lone together," he is compelled to ask, "Is love a mere affair of weather?"

In the short, to-the-point "Spring Is the Period," Emily Dickinson refers to this season as the one in which God abides. She views living in it as a religious experience through which man "has a cordial interview with God."

"Spring Is Special" also takes a religious view of the season. The poet extols it as a time to be joyful, to have faith and hope, both to be happy and to spread happiness, to be thankful and to locate within oneself "a tender soul and heart that is helpful and kind."

S. D. Tiwari uses repetition of the words "grand spring" in his poem by the same title. Each of its seven stanzas describes an individual feature of the season and ends with those two words, emphasizing why spring is so "grand."