What Are Some Poems for Special Brother-In-Laws?


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Some examples of poems for special brother-in-laws are: "My Brother-in-law, A Family Man," "Birthday Poem for My Brother-in-law" and "A Week Off for My Brother-in-law," by Raj Arumugam. A brother-in-law is a biological brother to one's wife or husband.

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In "A Week Off for My Brother-in-law," the poet narrates what happened when his brother-in-law asked him to take a leave from work for a week. He gives the individual views of each character: the brother in law, his boss and himself. He reports to his brother-in-law that his boss refused him the requested leave, and the brother-in-law opts for another holiday alternative from his wife's side. In "what actually happened," the poet reveals he was happy about the decision of his boss to refuse him the leave.

"My Brother-in-law, A Family Man," was inspired by a story about a man named Jim, who was the poet's brother-in-law. Jim died from cancer just as his family was planning to celebrate his 70th birthday. The poem pays tribute to his life.

The poet dedicates "Birthday Poem for My Brother-in-law" to his brother-in-law Gary who has just turned 39. The brother-in-law is a hard worker and a wonderful husband and friend, and he deserves the best things life has to offer.

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