What Are Some Poems for Someone Whose Dad Has Passed Away?


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Some poems for someone whose father has passed away include "For My Daddy" by Christina Caburnay and "Mya's Wish" by Nancy Wright. These poems artfully discuss the father's importance and meaning to the child, and they also reflect on how much the child expects to miss the father.

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Another poem for someone whose father has passed away is "Gone Too Soon" by Kelly Ropa. The poem begins by saying that the father did not live long enough to afford the child enough time to love the father. The child expresses joy at having photos of the father but also expresses dismay that the father is not present to answer the child's remaining questions.

Disarae G. Kuhn's poem titled "My Dad" discusses the father's death as though it were shocking and sudden. In the poem, the child begins by saying how much she loved her father. The child says that the father taught her a great deal and tried to impart to the child a sense of right and wrong. "My Dad" ends with the child expressing that she looks forward to one day seeing the father again.

Joanna Fuchs wrote her poem, "Reaching Out," from the perspective of a friend of the grieving child. The speaker says that she is reaching out to her friend with her heart and praying for her. The speaker goes on to offer help to the grieving child, encouraging the child to call or reach out in another way whenever she needs support.

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